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From the impossible in the plausible.

From the game taken to the cheat.

From simple observation to intrusion.

From the attempt to know who we are.


The rules for disarming and rebuilding architecture are their own. But not everything is allowed.

The structures must be sustained. I love geometry. The lines remain orthogonal.

And the sky, with all its softness, begins to bring the certainty of the horizon.


And I always keep wondering, what's behind each wall.

And I always keep wondering, how desire awakes.

Claudia Rofman foto.jpg


Claudia Rofman is an argentine architect and visual artist. She was born in 1960 in the city of Rosario. She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 1986 she graduated as an Architect at the University of Buenos Aires.

She studied different art disciplines (ceramics, painting, sculpture, jewerly, paper techniques, engraving) with different  teachers, including Juan Astica, Leo Vinci, Mireya Baglietto, Claudia Aranovich, Silvia Brewda and Adriana Moracci.

Currently her artistic project focuses on graphic work, both digital and print, photography and artist books.

Since 1990 she has participated in several group shows and competitions where she received awards and mentions.

Rofman has shown her art in museums, fairs and art galleries, both in Argentina and other countries, including ArteBA (Buenos Aires); Museo Carmacini (Buenos Aires); Galería Mar Dulce (Buenos Aires); Centro Cultural Haroldo Conti (Buenos Aires); Art&Design Galery (Miami); and IMPACT 10 (Spain)

In 2016 she made an individual exhibition at gallery “Allaria Nieto” in Buenos Aires and in 2018 she mounted a solo show at the Museo de Arquitectura (MARQ) and in 2019 she made two individual exhibitions at the University of Buenos Aires and the Cultural Center of Cooperation, also in Buenos Aires.

She also participated in National and Municipal Halls of Visual Arts, where she was selected in the 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions.



1986: I receive the title of Architect (UBA)
Since 1990 I have been part of exhibitions, as well as presentations in salons and art and design contests.
In different stages I was part of the workshops with the teachers: Leo Vinci, Claudia Aranovich, Silvia Brewda y Adriana Moracci, among others.



2020                    .Paper and Prints. Lira Art Gallery. Miami. USA

                               .Sweet for my sweet. Galería Mar Dulce. Ciudad de Buenos Aires

2019                     . Agora Gallery. Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition. New York, USA

                               . 4 Global Print Duoro, Portugal

                               .MCBA, New Editions. Minneapolis, USA

                                .Municipal Hall, Concordia, Entre Ríos. Selected in the engraving section

                                .Solo Exhibition ROMPECABEZAS URBANO. CCC, / Buenos Aires - Argentina

                                .Solo Exhibition LA OTRA PARED. University of Arquitectura, University of Buenos Aires

                                .IPCNY. Forms of Enclosure: NP 2019/Winter, New York, USA

2018                       .ArteBA, Participation in Gallery Workshop Edition Center / Buenos Aires - Argentina

                                .Municipal Hall Manuel Belgrano. Selected in the engraving section./ Buenos Aires - Argentina

                                .Collective show. Mar Dulce Gallery, / Buenos Aires - Argentina

                                .Coblan Art Space. Miami EEUU

                                .National Hall of Visual Arts. Selected in the engraving section / Buenos Aires - Argentina.

                               .Manuel Belgrano Plastic Arts Hall. Selected engraving./ Buenos Aires - Argentina

                               . Aavra Show. CC Haroldo Conti, / Buenos Aires - Argentina

                                .FELIFA. Book Fair of Author Photos. Participation with “La Otra Pared”/ Bs As - Argentina

                                .Mention. Salón Tarbut. Engraving mention. / Buenos Aires - Argentina

                                .MPACT 10, Santander, España.

                                .Art of paper. Art&Design Galery. Miami. EEUU

                                .ArtexArquitectos / Rosario - Argentina

                                .Solo Exhibition LA OTRA PARED.  Marq. Architecture Museum / Bs As - Argentina

                                .III Artist's Book Biennial. Museum Casa Carnacini  / Buenos Aires - Argentina

                                .ArteBA, Participation in Gallery Workshop Edition Center / Buenos Aires - Argentina

                               .Latin American Art on Paper. Miami. EEUU

2017                      .25° Miniprint. Faculty of Humanities and Arts of Rosario. UNR / Rosario - Argentina

                               .ArtexArquitectos. Show in CCRoberto Fontanarrosa / Rosario - Argentina

                               .Mention Small Format, University of Paraná - Argentina

                               .Manuel Belgrano Plastic Arts Hall. Selected engraving./ Buenos Aires - Argentina

                              . ArteBA, Participation in Gallery Workshop Edition Center/ Buenos Aires - Argentina

2016                     .Solo Exhibition HABITARES. Espacio Paraguay / Buenos Aires - Argentina

2015                     .2° Award Artist's Book / Circle Collection of 15 / Graphic Instant / Buenos Aires - Argentina

                               .National Hall of Visual Arts. Selected in the engraving section../ Buenos Aires - Argentina

2014                     .I Artist's Book Biennial. Museum Casa Carnacini Edition Center./ Buenos Aires - Argentina


At the same time I carry on the design area of ​​JUGUETES CLAP (in partnership), a company dedicated to the development and production of toys since 2002.





2019                      .Serigraphy workshop by Andrea Moccio

                               .Writing workshop on the work itself by Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias

2017                      .Illuminating Ideas Workshop, by the illustrator Miren Asiain Lora | CEEBA

2016                      .Clinic of work in charge of Natalia Giacchetta. Edition Center.

                               .Illustration workshop in charge of Cristian Turdera

2015 - today        .Engraving workshop run by Adriana Moracci

2015                      .Workshop of photographic story. Art Critics | IUNA

2014                      .Clinic of work in charge of Carla Rey

2014                      .Robot Construction Workshop with Recycled Materials || CCGSM

2014                      .Circuit workshop on paper. In charge of Claudia Gonzalez | Toy Lab

2014                      .Textile Workshop - Work Clinic / In charge of Viviana Debicki. Art Critics | IUNA

2013                      .Workshop Rawmatic Lab / Digital development: Bob Lightowler. Photography workshop

2013                      .Family Photo Album Workshop. Romina Resuche

2013                      .“From the artist's book to the graphic object, to the digital image”. C. Rey | Juan Carlos Romero

2012                      .Books in the Fresh Seminar. International Program of Artistic Residencies.

                                In charge of Alicia Candiani | ACE Project

2010 a 2013         .Art workshop and construction clinic. In charge of Silvia Brewda

2010                      .Digital Children's illustration workshop. Sótano Blanco. In charge of Vanina Starkoff 

                                .Paper Engineering Seminar. In charge ofValeria Bank

2009                     .Artisan binding workshop / Origami / Cardboard boxes. Papelera Palermo

2004 a 2005      .Sculpture workshop. Claudia Aranovich

2001                       .Vitraux Tifanny Technique workshop. CCR | UBA

                                .Production and video production, by Víctor Bailo | BAC

                                . Adobe After Effects  / Premiere  Centro CAO | UBA.

1994 a 1995          .Municipal School of the Jewel. Title: Jeweler Technician

1995                      .Graphic design clinic at the Goethe Institute, run by the designer Olaf Leu

                               .Flexible die-casting course by Silvana Constantino |Ernesto de la Cárcova High School

1994                      .Sculpture course by Jorge Gamarra| Ernesto de la Cárcova High School

1991 a 1995          .Sculpture workshop by the sculptor Leo Vinci

1988                      .Graphic Design Workshop, in Open School, in charge of Gustavo Valdez

1987                      .Course of black and white photo lab in charge ofElina Memi

1985 a 1990         .Workshop People of Clay in charge of the sculptors Martha Kearns and Pablo Ruiz Kearns

1978 a 1986         .Architecture Career, School of Architecture and Urbanism   Title: Architect | UBA

1978 a 1979         .Ceramic workshop by the ceramist Boni Tolchinsky

1977                      .Ceramist's artistic pottery workshop Josefina Alvarez in Caracas, Venezuela

1975                      .Painting workshop run by Juan Astica

1970                      .Children's plastic workshop run by Basia Kuperman

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